Coaches Clinic


We enjoy having coaches that want to continue to learn the game and the goalie position. Please attend one of our clinics we offer to players. At the clininc you as a coach can watch from a distance or go from station to station and learn from a world class goalie staff on the in's and out;s of the goalie position. This opportunity is free and open to all Youth, High School and College coaches.

Schedule For Each Clinic

  • Check-in
  • Welcome/introductions
  • Throwing &clearing fundamentals
  • Ready position presentation
  • Goalies to cages for warm-ups (focus on ready position)
  • Step body balance presentation
  • Step body balance 2-man drill
  • Goalies to cages for step body balance work
  • Arc and angle presentation
  • Goalies to cages for arc and angle work (Use string)
  • Ball behind presentation
  • Goalies to cages for ball behind work (goalies that are not in can feed from behind)
  • Goalies stay at cage for player’s choice
  • Closing remarks

*** All clinic dates and times can be found under our clinics page.