What to Expect

Comprehensive Programs for Advanced - Intermediate and Beginner Goalies

Peak Goalie is designed to make great goalies exceptional and to bring novice goalies up to a competitive level.

What Level Goalie Are you? The Peak Goalie caters to every level goalie at our camp.

Advanced Goalies: Peak Goalie Training Program Advanced Goalie Routine, Advanced Warm up, Advanced Drills, Mental Strategies, Scouting shooter and what they are looking for, Advanced Clearing Concepts, Physical training for Goalies, Stick Stringing and repair. Plus much more.

For Current High School goalies Peak Goalie is designed to prepare you for the college game. As many of our coaches are college head and assistant coaches we will train you to get to the college level.

Beginner/Intermediate: Peak Goalie Training Program Basic Techniques : Basic Proper Goalie Warm up, Basics of Stance, Stopping Screened Shots, Stick Skills and Basic Clearing, Stopping One-On-One Shots, Basic Proper Technique for stopping all shots, Unique drills, Arc and Angle Play, Pipe Play, Field Communication. Plus much more.

Peak Goalie is designed and proven to bring your game to the next level.

On the first day of camp, goalies are assigned to one of a dozen or so skill groups by age, experience, and ability. Over the next few days, during both morning and afternoon sessions, each group proceeds through a variety of stations which combine to teach all phases of goalie play. This rotation includes: straight-on shooting, angle shots, bounce shots, defending ball-behind situations, point blank shots, free-position shots (for girls), clearing and communication. At several of these stations, goalies are videotaped making plays on the ball. They then have the immediate opportunity to sit down with a coach who helps them analyze their habits and style. All goalies receive their own personal video and copies of the coach's written comments to take home. Every evening, goalies participate in Peak's famous "Goalie Sevens" tournament. These are 7-on-7 games, played on short fields, in which the players use their goalie sticks to develop additional confidence in open field play. This is a Peak Goalie favorite, with organized teams and assigned coaches competing in a fun, tournament-like atmosphere. Players also enjoy informative presentations and question-and-answer sessions with some of the best college and national team goalies of recent years. Because we are committed to a 4-1 goalie-to-staff ratio, all goalies receive maximum attention, supervision, and support. A certified trainer is on duty 24 hours a day.