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The field @endicottcollege is empty! The 26th year of the most amazing Goalie Camp in the country has concluded! It's the most amazing because of Peak Goalie Campers, Staff and Coaches! We thank the 130 goalies for a great attitude and willing to get better in all facets of the game, both mental and physical. We thanks the coaaches and staff for dropping a ton of knowledge! Most of all thank that person(s) who made it possible for you to attend and have this three day experience!! #brickwall #peakgoalie #goaliesrule #bestpositionintheworld #26th year #2017

Morning session of the final day! Goalies learning about in tight shots, shading and baiting! #brickwall #peakgoalie #2017

Final session of Day 1 at Peak Goalie. Goalies breaking it down. Night program includes stick stringing demo by Duke Women's asst coach @sidewalljedi and @big_sam20 Then a great nights rest for a big second day!