3 session Preseason Training Camp

High Reps - High Intensity Training

Endicott College March 3rd March 10th and March 17th 2024

The Peak Goalie Training Camp for Spring Season is designed to prepare you for your seasons in every fashion. The goal is to get your game to the next level, be a part of the long tradition of Peak Goalies that bring their game to the highest level in the game of lacrosse. At this pre season we will have three training sessions. We will incorporate all facets of goalie training with high reps -high intensity to build your game for the spring season

The Peak Goalie Training Camp will be limited to 20 boys and girls goalies, ages 13-18 to insure you get quality reps and coaching for your season.


Three Session Training Camp Program Outline

  • Check-in
  • Welcome/introductions Motivation talk on leadership, character development and wellness
  • Throwing &clearing fundamentals
  • Ready position presentation
  • Goalies to cages for warm-ups (focus on ready position)
  • Step body balance presentation
  • Step body balance 2-man drill
  • Goalies to cages for step body balance work
  • Arc and angle presentation
  • Goalies to cages for arc and angle work (Use string)
  • Ball behind presentation
  • Goalies to cages for ball behind (goalies that are not in feed from behind)
  • Proper Conditioning Techniques
  • Goalies stay at cage for player’s choice
  • Goalie Wars: Lots of realistic shots that you will see in every game setting!

Peak Goalie Staff

Peak Goalie Training Camp Staff

The Peak Goalie Staff is comprised of:

Sean Quirk: Head Coach Cannons Lacrosse Club (PLL), 2020 MLL Coach of the Year, 2x All-American Goalie, National Goalie of the Year, National Champion

Eric Hagarty: Head Coach Endicott College, 3x All-American Goalie, CCC Player of the Year, NCAA Division III Championship Tournament

Maureen Spellman: Head Women’s Coach Endicott College, CCC Coach of the Year, All New England Goalie, NCAA Division III Championship Tournament

  • PLL Lacrosse Goalies
  • NCAA Division I, II and III Coaches
  • Current and former college All-American Goalies
  • National Champion Goalies
  • Shooters from NCAA Division I, II and III Colleges

The Staff at Peak Goalie is here to bring your game to new Levels! Many of the staff member were former Peak Goalie participants!


Peak Goalie Alumni

  • Duke
  • Maryland
  • Endicott
  • Princeton
  • Syracuse
  • Springfield
  • Umass-Amherst
  • Middlebury
  • Georgetown
  • Harvard
  • Connecticut College
  • Stony Brook
  • Bowdoin
  • Binghampton
  • Denver
  • Tufts
  • Babson
  • RIT
  • Siena
  • Plus many more

Peak Goalie Training Camp

You're not a goalie, you're a brick wall!

We will cover:

Learn the secrets of being a BRICK WALL in the net! The Peak Goalie was created to help goalies reach that next level of performance they desire. It’s a position that many youth and high school coaches struggle with teaching because of the time, knowledge and perspective it takes to effectively train a young player. Our clinics raise a player's game and provide a sound fundamental foundation on which their high school or youth coach can build upon.

  • Q&A with college coaches, goalies and PLL goalies and coaches
  • Small groups by age and ability
  • Super low coach to player ration; just 3:1 max.
  • Youth and High School coaches may attend for free to learn how to coach your own goalies

Here is what you will learn:

  • 10 different skill stations; small groups with top notch coaches
  • Straight-on shooting
  • Angle shots
  • Off hip shots
  • Shots on the run
  • Baiting shooters
  • Bounce shots
  • Defending ball-behind situations
  • 8 Meter Shots (Girls)
  • Point blank shots
  • Communication
  • Directing the defense
  • Mental Preparation
  • Drills to improve your game
  • Body positioning
  • 1x1's
  • Clearing/Wall Ball
  • Ball Behind
  • Step Body Balance
  • Arc and Angle Play
  • Sweeps
  • Screens on the Crease
  • Reaction
  • Stick Care
  • Rip O Rama
  • Mental Toughness
  • Save Biomechanics